Each week, we share information that will help your restaurant be better for your customers or your employees. Whether we are talking about content, social media or looking out for you back of the house. This week, and going forward, we will be highlighting our partners. These are companies we work with and incorporate to work with our clients.


We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Live Reps Call Center. This customer-first business is ready to help you out! Working with restaurants is a favorite for the team.  They take great pride and pleasure when working with restaurants and helping their clients achieve a higher service level with their call center services.


In a busy restaurant answering the phone and taking orders is extremely important. It could be taking reservations, to-go orders, catering or answering questions for a customer with allergies. Being able to answer questions in a clear, concise and informed manner is imperative. This is where Live Reps Call Center comes in; they are able to provide you with people that can answer all those questions and more. Each customer service agent working on your account will be trained in your company’s culture, brand and menu.


Before you start thinking that you don’t need a call service or can’t afford one, let us talk about how Live Reps can assist you.

  • Each plan is customized for your restaurant and team.
  • If you have several locations or one, your customers will be made to feel special and appreciated.
  • Creating a streamlined service for your customers to order on the phone or ask questions creates less chaos and a better experience for customers and employees.
  • Using a call center means you don’t have to worry about power outages, downed phone lines, sick employees or miscommunications.
  • You don’t have to worry about retraining employees, scrambling when you are busy or if you have a catering service losing orders when you can’t get to the phone.


This is a family business that is dedicated to helping you and your team succeed. They are committed to creating a system and process to make this aspect of your restaurant easier, no matter what size or how many locations your restaurant has. We are happy to welcome them.