Inbound Phone Support 24/7/365

Full Customer Service, Troubleshooting, Call Routing, Tech Support etc.

There is great comfort in knowing a real live, knowledgeable person will be answering calls for your business. High volume is no problem, we’re here to help your business grow. The fact is you spend lots of money getting your phones to ring. Let LRCC make sure a call is not missed, and a potential customer becomes a customer again and again.

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Outbound Calling

Reminder Calls, Leads, Surveys, Appointments and Appointment Setting.

We help you develop strategies for your business designed to capture and connect to your target audience. Our Outbound marketing professionals can help boost your credibility and generate leads for sales representatives.

5 key components to effectively reach an audience:

  1. A solid prospect list targeting your ideal customers.
  2. A great script or greeting with a call to action.
  3. A well trained representative with cold call experience.
  4. An automated dialer that can generate thousands of calls a day.
  5. Constant tracking of results and tweaking until goals are met.

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Direct Response

Live Reps is a leader in retail eCommerce and direct response contact center solutions across customer service and inbound sales calls.  Live Reps has been handling customer support, sales, and up-sells for well known brands since 2007.   Our 24-hour service was designed to handle heavy call volume when your media runs. The order entry (CRM), reporting, payment processing, etc. can all be customized to fit your needs.

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Bank, Political, Lifestyle, Customer Satisfaction and more.

Live Reps Call Center has extensive experience in developing effective surveys by using clients specific criteria and proven marketing communication strategies resulting in a broad range of successful campaigns.

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Live Chat

The Live Chat System, by Live Reps, opens a direct line of communication with your website visitors. Connect with visitors much like you would in a physical store. See what they are browsing, proactively engage them in chat or simply answer their questions in real-time. Built in Visitor Triggers also allow you to personalize the customer support experience.

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Call Scoring

Call center managers are increasingly utilizing call monitoring and call scoring in an effort to enhance their quality control processes. This is because effective use of these tools yields both quantitative and qualitative data that are indispensible for optimizing call center practices. Live Reps call monitoring division listens too and grades the performance level of our internal reps in addition to other call centers reps. Over 100 highly trained people listen to these calls 24/7.


  • 24/7 Fundraising and Donation Hotline with every call answered live.
  • Compassionate, highly-trained operators serving as your fundraising specialists.
  • Web-based Integration across all platforms to enhance reach and effectiveness.
  • White-Labeled as an extension of your organization and brand.

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Restaurant Call Service

In a busy restaurant answering the phone and taking orders is extremely important. It could be taking reservations, to-go orders, catering or answering questions for a customer with allergies. Being able to answer questions in a clear, concise and informed manner is imperative. This is where Live Reps Call Center comes in; they are able to provide you with people that can answer all those questions and more. Each customer service agent working on your account will be trained in your company’s culture, brand and menu.

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