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Lasting impressions are always made when a customer tries to phone you with questions or problems and you’re not available... Their first contact can mean the difference between a satisfied customer who refers you and losing a customer who tells everyone about a bad experience.

Live Reps Call Center is a leader in developing customer relationships and consistent delivery of positive customer experiences for its clients. As a full service Inbound/Outbound Call Center, LRCC provides professionally trained staff to meet the specific needs of our clients, their products and services.

We are a communications partner for organizations looking to outsource their inbound/outbound Customer Service Calls, Direct Response or Sales, to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and repeat sales. Live Reps Call Center is a customer focused, solutions based organization ideally positioned to serve you.

The following article originally appeared in the Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities
Employment Spotlight...

Seeing beyond employees’ disabilities

In some jobs it pays to be a good listener. That’s especially true at Live Reps Call Center.

Live Reps, an inbound answering and outbound dialing service for local and national companies, handles thousands of calls per day. And for a growing company, hiring good employees like Sydney Pringle and Julie Gable is important.

Gable has worked at Live Reps for a year, and Pringle started in early 2015. Both have visual impairments and work on quality assurance, which means they monitor and grade customer service representatives.

Julie Gable Listens to a Call

“We’ve found they have a strong work ethic and show up prepared,” said Steve Wachs, CEO and owner. “Sydney and Julie have the drive to overcome obstacles. They prove themselves every day while taking nothing for granted.”

Gable said it took about a month to learn her job, and she enjoys the camaraderie with her co-workers. “I like having the ability to work at my own pace,” she said.

Sydney Pringle

Pringle, who found the job through word-of-mouth, said he worked with the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired to get special glasses and other equipment. That technology, Pringle said, “helps me do my job.”

Wachs added both Pringle and Gable have been excellent employees. “They appreciate the flexibility, and we’re into hiring good people,” he said. “Hiring people with disabilities is really a win-win for us. You uncover great things once you understand a person’s capabilities and utilize their strengths.”

Live Reps, located across from Lunken Airport, also partners with Bishop’s Bicycles to operate a bike rental business out of its office building. That side business started as a way to provide a recreational outlet for employees and continues to expand.

Drivr Logo "Steve, Thanks for the message and support. We couldn't grow without your team and they have been very receptive to feedback and changes. Thank you so much. Denver and Seattle are on the way"
Jared Williams
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