A lot of places can benefit from a call center but car dealerships are a special case when it comes to utilizing a call center. The ability to take dealers out of their offices and have them on the floor creates the ability to drastically increase sales for a dealership!

Live Reps Call Center has the ability to create an automated call center for your dealership. This allows calls to be directed to exactly where they need to go without having to utilize a receptionist or taking up the precious time of your employees. We can work right inside your existing CRM system like DealerFX, InboundBDC, FullBDC, XTime, TimeHighway, and more!

These automated calls are especially useful when scheduling and running your automotive repair center. Potential customers to could setup automotive repair appointments with our call center at anytime of the day or night; even when your dealership is closed! Fill up your schedule with the appointments that have the largest margin for you.

Below are current manufacturers we already work with!

Platform Integrations


Platform Integrations


Platform Integrations

Platform Integrations


Platform Integrations

Before you start thinking that you don’t need a call service or can’t afford one, let's talk about how Live Reps can assist you.

  • Each plan is customized for your dealership and team. Your plan will be created perfectly to fit your dealership and needs. Reviewed frequently to create a strong connection with you and your team.
  • Using a call center means you don’t have to worry about power outages, downed phone lines, sick employees or miscommunications. With this service, there is no need to worry about staffing or weather. We are on 24/7
  • You don’t have to worry about retraining employees, scrambling when you are busy or if you have a catering service losing orders when you can’t get to the phone.
  • If you have several locations or one, your customers will be made to feel special and appreciated.
  • Creating a streamlined service for your customers so questions creates less chaos and a better experience for customers and employees.

This is a family business that is dedicated to helping you and your team succeed. We are committed to creating a system and process to make this aspect of your dealership easier, no matter what size or how many locations your restaurant has. We are happy to welcome them. Are you ready to have a call center for your restaurant or catering company?

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