Live Reps Call Center will be offering paid and unpaid internships to qualified college candidates during the summer of 2019. The paid internship will give the intern 40+ hours a week of internship work and call work. The unpaid version of the internship will give the intern 5-10 hours a week of work solely dedicated to their position (marketing work, accounting work, etc.).

Open Positions:

Marketing Internship, Finance/Accounting Internship, IT Internship, and a Management Training Program

Digital Marketing Internship:

This internship will expose the student to every aspect of digital marketing in the real business world including website management, social media management, online advertising, campaign management, and more. The intern will also be exposed to a traditional sales funnel including setting up sales calls, establishing business relationships, and earning commissions on closed sales.

Finance/Accounting Internship

This internship will expose the student to every aspect of finance and accounting in a real small-business setting. They will be assisting our CFO who currently does payroll, invoicing, and accounting for over 180 different accounts.

IT Internship:

This internship will be helping our IT Director in our newest and most exciting services. The student will work side by side with our Director of IT and will assist with everything related to that position including, onboarding, account management, cyber security, internet integrity, load balancing, and several other facets of IT. They will be doing this both for Live Reps and our clients.

Management Training Program:

This year marks our inaugural year for our management training program. Our 12-16 week course will give the student real world experience to manage remote and on-site personnel. They will be introduced to our interview process, our hiring process, our management techniques, our scheduling, our disciplinary process, and many other crucial aspects of management. By the end of the 12-16 weeks, the student will have managed their own segment of the company for a minimum of 4 weeks. Candidates that graduate through this training program will be equipped for entry-level management roles in any industry.