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Here at Live Reps Call Center, we pride ourselves on fostering a positive work environment. With most of our agents working from home, we have to be creative with how everyone can have fun together. Some things we do are having an ongoing group chat with all the agents as well as hosting costume contests, desk decorating contents, fantasy football leagues, and more. We also do in-person events and parties with those that can participate. There are a lot of ways to get involved at Live Reps Call Center but don't just take our word for it. Below are some quotes from our agents about why they love Live Reps Call Center!


I have been doing customer service from home since 2010.  I have had active contract with many different clients. The thing that really sticks out at LRCC is my boss, Emily treats me like a human being. When you have an amazing manager all the rest falls into place. As a group we celebrate each other's victories and we help each other work though failures.  When you work here you thrive and when you thrive the company thrives. We are more than a group of independent contractors working remotely. We truly are a family dedicated to the wellbeing of every LRCC family member. THAT is the Live Reps difference and THAT is why we are still going strong while others like us have failed. 


I had been looking for some suitable work from home jobs, and was coming up empty for a while. So, when my friend Jalen told me about LiveReps, I wasn't too sure, but I was looking for work and turned in my application not expecting much. When I got an email to schedule an interview, I was having some second thoughts because I didn't know a lot about LiveReps. From the moment I did the interview with Justine and Erik, I knew LiveReps was special. That's not to say that it was always easy! The first week was a definite learning curve and honestly, I did think about leaving. But that would have been a huge mistake. I remember all the ones who reached out to me and made me feel welcome, and all of the trainers and managers who went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and confident. LiveReps has been such a blessing. Customer service can be emotionally and mentally exhausting, but having a company that rallies behind and support its agents impressed me. I don't feel like an agent with a number, I feel like I'm a part of a team, and that makes coming in to work enjoyable. LiveReps has helped me to expand on my skillset and grow immensely professionally. I love working with everyone so much and there is so much good to say about every member, but I wanted to give quick shoutouts to Mike P for being the coolest manager ever and always looking out for me, Justine for being an AMAZING trainer and super smart lol, Angela for the encouragement and positivity she always brings, and the entire 2nd Shift crew (especially Dan U, Donald, and Laura 🙂 ). Looking forward to making more happy memories here! 🙂



The greatest thing about working at LRCC is the management. Everyone on the management team is willing to help anytime and with anything. Great team leaders are something I haven't found at any other job. Any question you have whether it is work related or not is answered promptly. The training style works great for me too. When learning a new campaign, they are willing to go over it as many times as needed until you're comfortable. I love working at LRCC 


I love working for LRCC it's a place where you feel appreciated. It's not a job it's more like family. I have the BEST BOSS Emily. All management is great 😀 


I enjoy working for LRCC for many reasons. I enjoy the flexibility with the hours and days, our teammates are awesome and don't mind helping when and where they can. LRCC is a great company to work for if you have children/or a busy life, they will definitely work with you but communication is the key.  I know that a lot of places will tell you that we're to help if you need it but here, they actually help and don't mind unless they're busy even then they will at least point you in the right direction.  If you're looking for a company that will help you work with you and are just there for you give LRCC a try 


Live Reps gives me flexibility to be able to enjoy my children's lives! Management is also very understanding and helpful. I feel appreciation every single day, and I feel like they celebrate even the little things just as much as the big things. 


I just started working for LRCC and I love it here! Management and the Staff are so friendly and understanding. As a college student the flexibility is also a great plus. I am able to choose my own schedule and still have time to study and attend classes! 


At LRCC you get great support from your co-workers and sups alike. Send a question via the chat and a response is almost always less than 60 seconds away. That's really helpful when you've got customers on the line. 


Why I enjoy working at LRCC:










LRCC was my very first call enter AND work from home job. Not only did they teach me the skills to succeed, but they have brought me on the journey to building a better company! Its an endless learning opportunity that I would never trade. The appreciation from a staff that will go out on a limb for you is extremely gratifying. LRCC is the kind of place that you can go from someone with no experience, to feeling like you can take on the world.

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