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Here are some letters of recommendation from our current clients

Rapid Fired Pizza

City of Philadelphia

RMWC Letter

Ronald K. - Graeter's Ice Cream

"I also want to compliment two of your phone agents:  Mike and Deborah!  Both were very pleasant and patient with me, attempting to defuse my frustration and inability to order on line!!  They finally processed my ice cream by placing my request successfully.    Human beings are far more efficient and personable than computers. I am grateful for their professionalism!!!  Thank you for good management."

Jeff Waldschmitt - Iowa Public Radio

First, thank you again for your work the last several weeks! We’re still wrapping things up but it ended successfully and we couldn’t have done without your help. Over a quarter of the pledges we received during the drive came in over the phone – most of those in the final 3 days!

Tammy - Cincinnati Public Radio

"Your staff provides a cheerful and positive attitude to greet our callers. We have been able to save time and increase our call handling capabilities without investing heavily in staffing, training, and equipment for our seasonal funding drives. Thanks for all of your support."

Daniel B. - KANW Public Radio

"Live Reps – This is the call center we use to answer phone calls during our pledge drives. In order to ensure credit card compliance with the high number of calls we receive during our pledge drives, as well as reducing staff hours during the drives, our calls are best handled through an outside service. Live Reps is a Midwest-based company that specializes in handling incoming calls for public radio pledge drives. After having problems with a different call center a few years ago, KANW started using Live Reps as our call service in 2015 (after being recommended by others in the industry). We have been very pleased with the ease of setup, overall responsiveness, and 24/7 support."

Pamela G. - Metropolitan Sewer District

"I hope all is going well there at LiveReps. Thank you for letting us come out to do the training a few weeks ago. It was nice meeting everyone and seeing your setup there. Also, good job handling the rain event calls on Sunday, February 21st, especially considering the short notice! Your staff continues to do a great job for us and we appreciate it.

It looks like we have strong thunderstorms coming through tomorrow and Thursday, February 24th – 25th, so we may need your group again. We will have someone working in the Call Center to answer any incoming calls from your reps as needed. Let me know if you are good to go.

Thank you and have a great afternoon!"

Ken S. - Director of Marketing & Fundraising 90.9fm WDCB Listener-Supported Public Radio "Chicago’s Home for Jazz!"

"Your guys did a great job today! We hit our $10,000 GOAL!! The contributions are still adding to the meal total of our Food Drive-Pledge Drive. By the time we’re done, we hope to provide 5,000 meals! Thanks for all your help!"

Mike F. - Recruit Military

"A BIG SHOUT OUT TO YOUR TEAM for our results! Yes, I just want to acknowledge your entire team because of the thousands of successful reminder calls…We appreciate your responsiveness and ability to reach our target audience on short notice. Your reps are extremely professional on the phone!"

Jon E. - EP Direct

"I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that we are extremely happy with Live Reps Call Center. Our call troubles have been solved by your team. Thanks to your staff for making this move a smooth transition. Our bottom line looks better now because we do not have to pay full time people to answer the phones. It has saved us money and eliminated long wait times for a live person 24/7."

Kathy R. - Metropolitan Sewer District

"In our business, the demand for our services will occasionally peak without warning, and our call volume spikes in just a matter of seconds. We rely on Live Reps call-taking agents to help us manage these events. They enable us to focus on delivering our core services by handling the phones calls. Live Reps agents always show great professionalism in handling the many types of calls we receive from our customers."

Tammy G. - Cincinnati Public Radio

"Your staff provides a cheerful and positive attitude to greet our callers. We have been able to save time and increase our call handling capabilities without investing heavily in staffing, training, and equipment for our seasonal funding drives. Thanks for all of your support."

Jon L. - Harvest Growth

"I wanted to pass along the comment below from a consumer from Facebook complimenting our (your) great customer service. Thanks for doing a great job. It is nice to get a compliment from a consumer who is buying a product. I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome products and customer service. I always appreciate good customer service and it really lets your customers know that you guys care. Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend”.

Mick D. - Garfield Suites


We have utilized Live Reps Call Center to capture our overflow front desk calls. They have more than doubled our hotel guest reservations since 2008. They are pleasant on the phone, and have a knack for sales and customer service. It's been a real pleasure to partner with Live Reps Call Center."

Jared W. - City Manager at Drivr - Green Personal Transportation

"Steve, Thanks for the message and support. We couldn't grow without your team and they have been very receptive to feedback and changes. Thank you so much. Denver and Seattle are on the way"

Trish Allison | Director of Member Services & Engagement WUWF Public Media

As I mentioned after our Fall drive, WUWF was very happy with the quality service provided by LiveReps. It was refreshing for our donors to be treated with such respect. We didn't receive any complaints, (which is historic!), only compliments. I was also pleased with the timeliness of emails and transferring of calls to the station when staff assistance was needed. Please thank your team for their professionalism and attention to detail.

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