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Enterprise-Class developer Authority showcases the power of a remote-model call center with this brilliant case-study

About Live Reps

Live Reps (LRCC) started as an outbound call center in the sub-prime mortgage industry over 15 years ago. When that industry collapsed, LRCC aligned itself to the changing market and industry and expanded into several different areas, primarily as an inbound call center. LRCC offers professional support for inbound calling, outbound calling, direct response, live chat, fundraising, call scoring, data entry, email marketing, social media management, web development, and survey work. In short, they do it all. They have 60+ active clients and 40+ agents handling those calls. They employ a shared model so some agents train and learn client-specific campaigns while other agents are available to tackle interactions across all clients and all campaigns. The work they do for each client is different and unique and LRCC has a clear focus on providing what their clients ask for… 365/24/7.

Solution Background

Live Reps Call Center needed to identify a cloud-based software solution that would deliver quality management quickly, easily, and with a full set of customizable features. They wanted to provide their agents with direct access to scoring data, calls, and KPIs without the hassle of exporting and emailing individual information, which took valuable time away from their management team. And ultimately, they desired a trusted partner to walk the path with them. So they turned to Authority Software.

A Unique Challenge… A Unique Approach

Live Reps has many different clients that require many different types of calls. With that contact center model, they face unique challenges in scheduling agents for coverage. Each agent has a unique set of campaigns for which they take calls for and matching that with volume projections and agent scheduling needs is a complex challenge. That required a different kind of solution partner.

“Authority Software has met with us regularly and taken a great interest in how we do business and how they can help us do business better. The WFM side of their software is going to streamline our scheduling and payroll processes and I don’t think that any other company would have taken such measures to make sure that we are getting exactly what we need.”

When Speed Matters

The implementation for Live Reps was smooth and took roughly a week to get all of the APIs in place and provide login access for all agents and managers. Upon completion, training was immediate and very easy, and agents began to use Authority Software for call recordings. The QM portion of the implementation was a work in progress with both Authority Software and Live Reps collaborating on the setup and deployment.

Case Study: Live Reps

“LRCC had unique procedures in place and Authority Software listened to our case and developed and deployed the correct solution for our company. I truly believe that Authority looks at this as a true partnership and is a breath of fresh air for Live Reps.”

QM continues to improve with time and move Live Reps in the right direction to provide world class service to their clients. WFM is in the development stage for their organization and the collaboration between Authority Software and Live Reps has been exceptional.

The Results

Authority Software is able to save their agent’s QA sheets, distribute them directly to agents, and allow agents access to their call recordings.

This solution has significantly freed up management time. No longer does LRCC have to compile spreadsheets in folders and try to send them to agents or try to find out who scored what on what day or pull calls for agents to listen to. They are able to do all of that right inside the platform quickly and easily.

“Since we set our QA standards for agents and started using Authority Software to score them, we have seen every single agent bring up their score average to exceed our expectations. Every agent who was scoring below our 90% minimum score average is now above. Our agents are more engaged, and it has allowed us to be much more transparent with our agents. All these results have increased our productivity, alleviated a lot of pain points, and all of that equals saved money.”

“The part of working with Authority that is most impressive is the “White Glove” level of detail and ” attention Live Reps Call Center has been given. It is a true partnership between Authority and LRCC.

The collaboration has been fantastic, and we look forward to the future and all that is to come.

Lysol Case Study

Prepared by

Live Reps Call Center

Outbound Campaign for Lysol


The client has developed a new curriculum designed for Elementary Schools to combat the influenza virus that, on average, causes children to miss 60 million school days each year. The client is committed to preventing the spread of germs, which starts with teaching best hygiene practices and healthy habits.

The client was looking for an innovative process that could introduce the Healthy Habits curriculum to Elementary schools across the country reaching Elementary School Principals to secure their participation in incorporating the curriculum into daily lesson plans. The client determined that telemarketing and email marketing provided the best value.


The number of school holidays within those months would limit the days reps could call to reach principals. Many schools are preoccupied with preparing for the holidays, as quarter and semesters are ending, and teachers are busy with exams and final grades.


As a direct result of the campaign, the Client experienced an unexpectedly high number of school registrations. Approximately 44000 calls were made to Elementary Schools. The calling campaign generated a total of 1190 successful registrations, more than 400% higher than the anticipated number of registrants. The Client was very satisfied with the results and a new campaign designed for Pediatricians and New Moms starts this month.